LotteryGen UK Lottery statistics

When the United Kingdom lottery first hit Britain , many would-be punters decided to form syndicates to increase their chances of winning by coverage of more ball selections than an individual could afford.

One such syndicate, formed from draw 1 of the lottery was at Ferrybridge Power Station ,West Yorkshire. The Syndicate manager, being a dab hand at Microsoft Excel, kept a database of lottery results and analyzed them within Excel to produce a four weekly newsletter for syndicate members which included statistics of the main draw. The magazine had to have a name, and since at that time we worked for PowerGen, then logically the name LotteryGen was coined as the publications name.

Some of the 24 members are today located in faraway places, and hence LotteryGen had to go global. The web site is provided for syndicate members but anyone interested is welcome to share. The terms of reference for analysis may not agree with other people's views. Nevertheless, you may see my thoughts on the results which are provided for interest only. You won't win the lottery as a result of viewing this site, but you will have an idea of which balls are hot and which are not. This is not a commercial site, it carries no advertising and is produced entirely by an individual, not a team. Hence there may be odd times when information is not up to date because I'm busy doing something else. If the site looks like its been produced by an amateur , then you're right.